Dwayne Bravo the DJ – killing it with Champion!

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Dwayne Bravo, dance, champion dance, winning dance

Cricket fan across the world have gone crazy with the new dance move of West-Indian Cricket team.

Seems like this time the moves are crafted by one of their very team mate.

Meet Dwayne “DJ” Bravo.

Looks like Bravo has already decided his post cricket career and he is all set to be a great DJ.

Here’s the official Champion video that has gone viral.

This video is dedicated to all the “Black” people (we don’t mean to be racist here) who have made big name in the recent history.

DJ Bravo calls them all “Champion” and we can’t stop dancing.

mandela - champion
mandela - champion
gayle - champion
bolt - champion
polad - champion
We can say he’s got SWAG.

bravo - champion
bravo - champion
bravo - champion
bravo - champion


Here’s bonus Champion video

So, are you dancing? Champion….Champion….