10 Signs that show a chemistry student is not a normal student

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People can identify you, before you tell them? Yes! Here are the signs that set you apart from other students.

1. You know everything is chemical – be it shampoo, cleaners etc.

2. You not only know what Avogadro’s number is, but can state it with 5 significant figures.

3. You have your own lab coat, and can wear it even if its not necessary.

4. You make the best Coffee. Everytime.

5. Your cupboard contains lab glassware in addition to the usual kitchen utensils.

6. You know the difference between borosilicate glass, flint glass, and leaded crystal (and why it’s not really crystal).

7. You know what color will be produced by burning any metal salt known to mankind.

8. You can pronounce the name of every ingredient on product packaging, know its purpose, and may be able to draw its structure.

9. No matter how well things are going, you can always find some type of error.

10. You have multiple copies of the periodic table, although you could state the names of at least the first 20 elements in order and possibly their atomic weights. The periodic table may be the wallpaper on your phone and computer.

Таблица химических элементов